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"The housing market is not one market" - quotes in The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard, The Independent and others

Quote by Anna Clare Harper

UK house prices increased by 1.6% annually in March.

This is positive news for many, as upward movement in the housing market is generally seen as a good thing. However, the housing market is not one market. It’s millions of tiny locations down to the street level, each becoming more or less popular over time, influenced by different factors. 

Then there’s factors affecting the pricing of individual properties such as the cost to own the property, which is partly related to its energy efficiency; the cost to maintain the property, which can be estimated in the medium term based on its current condition; and the affordability, which is for the young at least often determined by the cost and availability of finance.

So, really, the market pricing level for last month reflects the millions of individual negotiations balancing what one buyer wanted with what one seller needed, in March. 

All of these factors and more are important when evaluating individual properties today, and forecasting the value of a portfolio or market tomorrow. 

If you’re interested in acquiring granular residential, to capitalise on the market opportunity or meet an urgent housing need, get in touch.

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