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Anna speaks to GB News about Rightmove's latest report

Anna Clare Harper speaks to GB News

Anna had an early start on Friday analysing Rightmove's latest report on GB News breakfast… 

Key points:

  • Average rents in London is ​​£31,572 per year; £15,360 outside London

  • Note that this is before bills, and compares with average household income £32,300 per year…!

  • Rental demand is growing due to long term trends: we have more households and a higher proportion of those households are renting, vs constrained supply 

  • The rental market is not one market. A lot of institutional investor attention goes on the most and the least well-off renters, but the mid market (where GreenResi focus) is the majority, and it’s increasingly under-served

  • Mid-market renters typically live in existing rental homes. Demand for these continues to grow, and supply is falling as traditional landlords exit the market.

Linked below - starting at 19.10

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