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WATCH: Anna Clare Harper on GB News 30/07/2023

Anna Clare Harper talked about the impact of changing mortgage rates on GB News breakfast show (very early!) on Sunday.

  • This is a huge and important topic. Some key points we covered include: For c. 2 million households, housing costs are increasing by 2-3 x. This has enormous impacts on people’s well-being and ability to pay their way, as well as consumer spending which is an important component of economic growth.

  • The impacts of short term volatility for renters, homeowners and house prices, since mortgage costs directly affect what people are willing and able to buy and sell for.

  • How investors we work with are seeing a long term opportunity in improving the energy efficiency and quality of existing homes – essential as 98% of the homes we use in 5 years time already exist.

Watch the full interview below:

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