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Smarter, sustainable 
property decisions

Remees helps residential investors and asset managers make smarter, more sustainable investment decisions at scale, so that they can future proof and grow their portfolios in this urgent regulatory and climate context.

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    Why work with us?


    Strategic review

    Quickly understand how to adapt your portfolio and strategy based on real-time values, risks, costs and carbon emissions.

    Plan, prioritise and optimise to achieve your financial targets whilst doing your bit to save the planet.


    Access on- and off-market opportunities then rapidly assess, filter and due diligence potential acquisitions.

    Discretely divest properties which no longer meet your portfolio objectives, without evicting renters. 

    Optimise & monitor

    Financial, risk and carbon reporting and property-specific recommendations to future proof your portfolio. We provide reliable, live works scoping and budgeting, access to grant funding and emissions reduction reporting to align with your pathway to Net Zero.

    Family Office, Mayfair

    “Our property manager conducted a manual analysis of our portfolio, which took hours. The results were unreliable, since we used outdated, inaccurate EPC data. Now we have all the information we need to make better decisions, every month."
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